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Welcome to T3 Education!

No two bodies are the same and this means the response to each client cannot be one-size-fits all.

We prepare all of our students with evidence based skills and techniques so you can gain a breadth and depth of knowledge of the whole body with scientific insights that go beyond one specific area of sports massage, to help your clients reach positive outcomes, whatever your client’s challenges.


Why T3 Education?

Our students choose us for their training needs because they want to be regarded as experts in the soft-tissue industry.

Alleviating pain and promoting freedom of movement is the cornerstone of everything we do as movement and massage therapists.

We appreciate the importance of a successful outcome… the reduction or elimination of pain for the client ultimately results in a profitable business for you as a therapist and at the same time builds your reputation as someone who can truly change lives with their hands.

As professional therapists we all know that no two bodies are the same. What works for one client’s challenges will not work for another. It’s absolutely crucial to use scientific insights to understand your client’s personal and specific needs, so as to really provide effective and successful treatments beyond one area of sports massage.

Choosing us means your knowledge will never be out of date as we make sure that our courses evolve with the latest treatment options and developments. You’ll be at the very top of your game and be the very best therapist you can be!

T3 Education serves our students by equipping them with the confidence and skills to be experts in the industry, in order to build a reputation as the safest pair of hands around.


Our Education

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What our Students say

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One of the best things I have done when it comes to studying and my career! The teachers have made it just perfect with support and knowledge. Thank you for everything!
Carrie Luxembourg Personal Trainer and Sports Massage Therapist
It was a privilege to be amongst such knowledgeable tutors who were very supportive
Sacha Lumley Personal Trainer and Sports Massage Therapist
I cannot begin to talk highly enough about T3 Education. Danielle & Pentony made me feel so comfortable. The wealth of knowledge from them is worth the course fee 10x over & has helped me grow as a professional therapist
Simon Allen Sports Massage Therapist