Sometimes it is hard to know what to do first when setting up and growing your massage and fitness business, so the overwhelm may kick in and lead you not do anything, or jumping from task to task.

Here are 7 ways that you can grow your therapy and fitness business.

These tips are to help you build your business gradually. The quick wins in marketing don’t often create a client list that you want to work with so we haven’t discussed them here!

1. Online booking system

Clients may want to make an appointment straight away, and if it is out of hours or you have a full day in clinic you may miss appointments. Use a system such as Acuity or Simply Book to add online booking and payment links onto your website to not miss out on these bookings. Another great thing about the is that it reduces your admin time!


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2. Send a regular newsletter, with a lead generation tool to grow your list

Send regular newsletters to clients to help keep you in their mind, but it is also a way to grow your captive audience. Use your social media strategy to grow your audience and get people onto your list. It could be stretches or self massage if you are in the massage business; or movement videos if you are in the fitness business.

3. Set up a freebie download on your website that leads to your newsletter list

This is one way to grow your newsletter list. Have a free download on your website, whether it’s a PDF, a set of movement videos or something that a client will find useful and would be compelled to join your newsletter for.

4. Automated follow up newsletter series

Use a newsletter system such as Mailchimp or Active Campaign where you can send your newsletters, and create automated emails to build relationships with your audience.

Can you plan some follow up emails for after they have downloaded your freebie?

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5. Add your business onto google maps – This helps people know where you are.

  • Get yourself a google business account and an address (You do this once you have your google business account).
  • Keep it alive with posting on your google page with social media posts.
  • Ask your clients for google reviews from your clients.


6. Testimonials from clients

  • Nothing tells people better about he power of your skills than testimonials. Here are some ways of obtaining them:
  • Ask a client to provide a video testimonial in exchange for a free or discounted session.
  • Send them follow up emails after appointments with links to your Facebook or Google Page.


7. Choose the right social media platforms for your niche.

There are so many social media platforms and its important to find your niche before deciding to invest lots of time with a particular one. Spend time working on your ideal client and this will help decide where you put your effort. If your client is a 40 something female, Facebook maybe the platform. But if you are focussing on corporate sports massage; then LinkedIn maybe the platform for you.

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