A BIGGER BREATH - Core Fascial Release of the Zyphoid Process

As soft tissue therapists most of us know how important good breathing is to overall health and wellbeing. We have lots of ways to encourage this but what if your client is stuck?

Quite literally you can see clients who are stuck, rib cage and sternum pinned down, no movement, no flow.

This fascial release of the Zyphoid process is so simple and so effective. Our intention here is to sink into the connective tissue and tug downwards, the client's breath reaching and passing our touch, softening the connective tissue above and under the sternum right up into the sternohyoid muscles and throat.

A Bigger Breath from T3 Education on Vimeo.

This release frees the breath, creates a full, expansive breath and releases that tension. As Noah Karrasch (founder of Core Fascial Release) said to me once...

'Many of us claim to have a lump in our throat when we are stressed, emotional, grieving, but has that lump got stuck?'

Perhaps it has and that is what is stopping us taking that full breath and freeing our bodies.

Core Fascial Release is about so much more than your touch, it's about your client meeting their body, acknowledging their body and letting go. Better movement, less pain, more release.

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