Our Values

Here at T3 Education we know first-hand how transformative the right soft tissue work can be for our clients. Enabling clients to move better by the effective reduction of pain is a powerful and life-changing skill.

Even so, the soft tissue industry still has a lot of work to be done to be taken seriously in the wider medical community.

This is why it is absolutely vital to us that each and every T3 Education student is equipped with cutting edge research and insight. Our students will go out in to the industry and make positive strides towards changing and challenging the definition of good soft tissue work.

As practising therapists as well as educators we, like are students are always growing.

We continually strive for expert knowledge and information, which we then couple with many years of clinical experience to find what is truly effective for clients. This in then reflected in our course materials which evolve and update with the latest insights into our industry.

We are very proud of our courses and awards, which are unique in terms of both content, style and approach.

At T3 Education we believe that the individual client belongs at the very centre of the treatment universe.  This ethos underpins absolutely everything we teach and all that we do.

The body is both complicated and unique.  Every treatment needs to be tailored to the individual client in order to facilitate long lasting change. We prepare our students with evidence based skills and techniques that take this into consideration, to put our hands-on teaching into practice.

Students gain a breath of depth and knowledge of the whole body, with scientific insights that go beyond one specific area of sports massage. The ultimate goal will always be to help clients reach positive outcomes whatever their individual challenges.

Our Promise

We will engage and inspire you whilst teaching you the skills you need to build a thriving sports massage business with a glowing reputation.

We promise to deliver to you first class education, in a user-friendly, multi-faceted way, ensuring that however you prefer to learn there is an option for you.

From online video libraries, to the printed word, we have your education needs covered.

We will help you to blend your new skills with a client centric approach to get the results you want for your clients.

Integrity is paramount to us.  When you trust us with your education we can guarantee that you will not only receive the high quality teaching available, you will confidently integrate those skills into your practice straight away to start working on your return on investment.

We will be there to support you at every step of the way so every course comes with aftercare to deliver you the best in customer service.

We truly want to help you get better at getting people better.