CORE Fascial Release: CORE I Intensive

Next CORE I Intensive London:  May 22nd & 23rd 2021

Location: London College of Osteopathic Medicine, Marylebone, London 09.00 – 17.30 each day.

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CORE I Intensive

CORE I Intensive: Technique — CORE I focuses on the basic ideas of the CORE Philosophy of good, safe deep tissue bodywork: assess, learn to access the correct layer of resistance, create movements and breath work for the client to hone their interoception and release tension in the body.  We will then integrate any and all work done. We also cover intention, the vagus nerve, the psoas as a 'storer of stress', lines of fascia, appropriate homecare cues and focus on the CORE® one session recipe.  We will observe the one session recipe and have the opportunity to practice on each other. The pre-requisite for CORE I is that you hold an existing soft tissue qualification e.g. massage, physiotherapy or osteopathy . Any hands on therapist with curiosity would truly benefit from this class!

CORE Fascial Release Psoas

What is CORE Fascial Release®?

CORE Fascial Release® was created by Noah Karrasch. Noah originally trained as a rolfer at the Rolf Institute in Colorado but his work led him down a different path.  CORE bodywork was born and was designed to Coax Order and Restore Energy to the human bodymindcore.  Practitioners of this CORE work are dedicated to unwinding fascial restrictions and holding of old trauma, be it  physical, mental or even emotional.

Noahs approach to looking at the whole of the body through its connective tissue and getting straight to the CORE shows you how to work with the client to unwind fascial restrictions in a thorough, deep but sensitive manner allowing the client to tune into their body, to feel the dysfunction and to then allow themselves to let it go.  The breath is at the centre of every CORE treatment, stimulating the Vagus Nerve and helping the client to create safety in their body.  You will learn to create softness with movement in your clients tissues as the client works to release their own tensions in the fascia.

What is CORE? Noah Karrasch

CORE I, II, III and IV takes you from performing a full body recipe for working through the connective tissues of the body through to delivering the ‘5 Series’ which takes that recipe and delves deeper into the body to find the clients unique fascial lines and restrictions to help the client tune into what is going on in the body, letting space and movement into areas where it was lacking and restoring a feeling of freedom, movement and wellbeing.

If you would like to know more about Noah Karrasch and Core Fascial Release please visit his website:

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The small class size worked really well. It was a great course, so well explained. We got so much one to one time and feedback that I really felt I grasped the concept of CORE bodywork. Fantastic course!

CORE | Intensive Student

Wow, what a powerful 2 days. I hadn’t realised how much emotional tension I was holding myself. The release felt long awaited for. I am excited to bring this to my clients!

CORE | Intensive Student

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