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This one day CPD you will learn the science behind IASTM, how to apply instrument assisted massage techniques into your practice and add movement into your treatment.


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Course Information

Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilisation

Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilisation (IASTM) is a type of massage technique that can be integrated in many ways into your practice. It is non invasive and adds many other benefits into your practice than just a “hand-saver”.

What are the focuses of the course?

  • How to use instrument assisted tools into your practice to maximise treatments.
  • The effects of instrument assisted soft tissue mobilisation on the neurological system.
  • What the current research says about IASTM and how this applies in your treatments.
  • Ways of integrating movement into your practice with IASTM to create an effective treatment for your clients.

An Overview of the Course Content


IASTM pre learning

Pre Learning Content

Online learning modules on:

  1. Introduction to Fascia for IASTM
  2. Fascia as a sensory organ
  3. Why people feel pain


Live Content

  • What is instrument assisted soft tissue mobilisation and why add it into your soft tissue skillset.
  • The mechanical and neurological effects of instrument assisted soft tissue mobilisation and how to build this into your treatment.
  • What type of massage tools are right for you and your practice.
  • Scars and instrument assisted massage.
  • How to apply IASTM in massage and functional movement.
  • How to integrate your new techniques into your practice and your business successfully.

In this one day live course we will cover treatment for the whole body focusing on individual joints to multi joint movements. With each joint we will cover:

  1. Using IASTM with your client passive on the couch
  2. IASTM with soft tissue release and Muscle Energy Technique
  3.  Applying instrument assisted massage methods to movement and loaded exercise.

By the end of the live day you will have a full library of techniques to add instantly into your practice with your patients!

instrument assisted soft tisse mobilisation
Post Course Content
In addition to the live education, you will receive access to video content of all of the techniques taught on the live day to be able to recap over techniques learnt on the day. The online library with lifetime access  allows you to review and retain all of the information taught in the CPD!

The Tools


There are so many tools out there on the market and the best thing to do is choose the one that you like and fits in your practice. Some are more aggressive looking and some are kinder.

In this course you will get to try out a variety of tools to find the one that suits your practice!

What Our Students Say

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The course in practical terms is very helpful for therapists who want to increase their practical skills in the IASTM method. Danielle is a great instructor who will make sure everything is clearly explained. I would recommend.

Tomasz Tittinger

Danielle is a friendly and professional teacher. The course was relaxed and fun, whilst learning lots of interesting and new techniques. From the moment I received my pre-course learning, I knew this course would be top-class and Danielle delivered. I highly recommend this course to all soft tissue therapists. 

Victoria Rush

Danielle is a really energetic teacher who is clearly passionate about helping others. She went above & beyond what was expected, helping everyone with any specific techniques they could use for their own specialities or practice. I wouldn’t hesitate in other training days with Danielle.

Lily Turner

It was great to experience lots of different massage tools on the IASTM course. I particularly enjoyed learning about working with the tool within a massage setting as this is where I think I will make most use of it. I feel much more confident now and have already bought my favourite ready to put it into practice. Danielle has a great teaching style and delivered a really informative and enjoyable course.

Jane Taylor

After having completed my Level 3 Sports Massage with Danielle and Pentony, I knew I would be in safe hands for continuing my soft tissue therapy learning with them for the IASTM course. And the day did not disappoint! There was a good mixture of theory to practical. We got lots of hands-on time to practice using the tools and to learn about how best to apply them within treatments. Danielle was inspiring, as usual, with her level of knowledge and her friendly, easy-to-follow approach to teaching those of us on the course!

Abi Bott

I completed a day’s tool training with Danielle and absolutely loved it. Danielle is a natural teacher – warm and friendly, very good at explaining the techniques used and of course she has amazing knowledge of massage, anatomy and the tool itself. I use my tool regularly with clients now, particularly if they’re struggling with painful areas, and they seem to love it as much as I do! It gets fantastic results and is so easy to use. It was a great day’s training and a really useful technique to add to the toolbox. Highly recommended.

Natasha Fewtrell-Smith

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If you have a massage or soft tissue qualification you are most definitely able to do the course. If you don't have a massage qualification and want to find out more about one, click on the link here.

As soon as you sign up!

You have LIFETIME access to the content! We believe it is important to have lifetime access to be able to recap over the live content to help your practice further.

Bring the normal things you ened for learning (pen, water etc) If you have a tool you don't need to bring it along if you don't want to as there  will be lots to try out on the day.

There is a pre-learning exam to be completed online before the live training days begin.

The course is held at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital in the Therapy Department.

Arrive in the hospital, keep to the left hand side and the Therapy department is on the left after Costa.

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