Level 4 Sports Massage Upgrade

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Take your sports massage learning to the next level with the T3 Education online Level 4 Sports Massage Bridging Programme! 

This course is for T3 Education graduates only – if you haven’t studied wth us before, head to our level 3 sports massage course page.


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Course Information

Well done on completing your level 3 sports massage award with us! You maybe here as you want to know more, learn more and understand how you can help support your clients through soft tissue injuries.

The level 4 Bridging programme with T3 Education is desgined to help you understand the theory behind soft tissue injuries, how to screen your clients appropriately and use your hands on techniques to help your client return back to function.

You will study the course content in the comfort of your own home, as the bridging course is all hosted online.

We provide you with life-long access to our in-depth online library.  You can revise and recap at any point in your career to keep your knowledge constantly up to date.

The Course Nuts and Bolts

Is this course for me?

If you have completed your level 3 sports massage course with us, and you feel ready to take on a new challenge, the level 4 Brdiging programme is for you.


Your Course Modules

Positional Release Technique
A brand new simple to apply technique!
Psychology of Injury
Understanding the importance of the psychological aspect of injury and how to support clients through injury.
Working with scars
Understanding healing times after scars and when massage is indicated and contraindicated after surgery.
Practice Development
This module focusses on your self reflection as a therapist and how to use these skills to grow and develop further as a therapist.

Bonus Content!

Setting up and running event massage and working with clients pre and post event.
Supporting clients through events is a big part of sports massage. This module will help you learn how to help clients through sports massage and set up your own event massage!
Setting up and running office massage
Office Massage is a great way to create antoher income stream, meet different types of clients and expand your business. This module goes through step by step what you need to set up your office massage programme.
Passive Stretching
A module covering the basics of passive stretching, with example videos to help you integrate it into your massage practice.

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