Positional Release Live CPD

Next PRT Course: Friday 16th October

This one day CPD you will learn the Strain-Counter strain method of Positional Release Technique and integrate them in to your practice effectively.

PRT is an osteopathic technique that has been shown to reduce Pain, improve Function, Range of Motion and Increase Strength.


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Course Information

Our One Day Live Series

Join us in 2020 as we launch our one day series of sports massage techniques! These days can be attended on their own, or to receive a two day discount you can attend the two consecutive days.

Day One: Positional Release Technique

Positional Release (PRT) is a group of neuromuscular techniques that can be integrated in many ways into your practice. In this course we focus on the Strain-Counter Strain method of positional release. 

It is a technique that can provide a sense of ease in the body and then reduce pain, improve range of motion and overall function.

What are the focuses of the course?

  • Learn what positional release is and the how and why we think it works based on what we know now.
  • When positional release technqiue maybe indicated for a client based on assessment.
  • How to perform effective positional release techniques within your sports massage session safely and effectively
  • Ways of integrating positional release techniques into your sports massage practice.

An Overview of the Course Content


Live Content

  • What is Positional Release Technique (PRT)?
  • What is Strain Counter Strain??
  • How and why we think PRT works.
  • Review of the current research and evidence of PRT.
  • Effective assessment to know when positional release can benefit your client.
  • Learn Positional Release techniques for the whole body.
  • Ways of integrating positional release techniques successfully into your sports massage practice.

In this one day live course we will cover treatment for the whole body focusing on:

  1. Effective assessment for positional release techniques.
  2. Understanding the theory and research that underpins PRT as being an effective treatment modality.
  3. Application of PRT Strain Counter Strain across the whole of the body.
  4. Practice integrating the techniques into your current sports massage treatments to gain confidence to add the techniques in to your next client treatments.

By the end of the live day you will have a full library of techniques to add instantly into your practice with your patients!

Post Course Content
In addition to the live education, you will receive access to video content of all of the techniques taught on the live day to be able to recap over techniques learnt on the day. The online library with lifetime access  allows you to review and retain all of the information taught in the CPD!

What our students say

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Kerry Cox Birmingham

I've loved the course. It's been a fabulous experience with amazing instruction and support and clients have commented on how impressed they've been with some of the techniques we've been taught. Thank you. 

Charlotte Taylor

The most valuable course I have ever taken. The instructors are fantastic, their knowledge on the subject is in-depth and conveyed in user friendly methods. Their enthusiasm is contagious and they are highly motivational. I can't wait to continue my journey and look forward to future offerings from Pentony and Danielle.

Sevilay Marasli

Pentony and Danielle are one of those rare individuals who is able to create content that students enjoy so much they often don't realise how much they are learning. In the classroom or online, Pentony and Danielle's teaching approach boosts students' confidence because they're practicing skills they can immediately use. I highly recommend T3 Education for their dedicated professionalism!

Nina Rickman London

Overall the course has been fabulous from the banter to the important stuff. Have really enjoyed it. Thank you so much. 

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